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New Market Products offers a full line of tooling for Acme, Wickman, New Britain, Warner & Swasey, Euroturn, Gildemeister, Tornos, Davenport, and Brown & Sharpe





New Market Products - Compact rigid design, works with most pick off and back finish attachments.

Quick Change Carbide Insert made by Manchester


Save Scrap, Time & Money with pre-set tooling systems and easy independent adjustments.

  • Hardened and precision ground dovetail combined with the tool stop locate the tool very quickly and extremely accurately for reproducing consistent tool location and center height setting (these features allow tool replacement in less than 1 minute for immediate production of extremely accurate parts with no adjustments required)

  • Floating dovetail clamp allows tool to be clamped squarely and accurately

  • Disc spring washers for a controlled tension during accurate adjustments

  • Pre-set up gauge provides faster setups when jobs are repeated

  • Coolant spout for precise cooling of cutoff blade

  • Adjustable clamp for different width cutoff blades

  • Adjustable cutoff tool block with reference markings to indicate blade extension.  This allows various extensions for maximum rigidity while maintaining center height and 5 degree top rake for freer cutting and longer tool life

  • Independent rear adjustment screws that are marked and numbered for quick, accurate diametrical adjustments without having to adjust slide tension

  • Taper adjustments that are quick and accurately repeat

  • Independent slide adjusting screws that are marked and numbered for quick accurate slide adjustments






Replaces Acme OEM Filter System




Are Pusher Marks a Problem?


"the no mark pusher"


Now Adjustable!




Flats - Hexes - Squares



Make them all with just one attachment


Available for:

Acme-Gridley, New Britain, Davenport, Wickman & Gildemeister






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